Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

First and foremost, for the topic of my thesis I design a wireless, self-powered device, that is actually a dice with

the help of RFID technology.

This dice tells the outcomes of the dice rolls. It contains a three dimensional accelerometer that defines the

direction of the acceleration. This data is sent through to a microcontroller via SPI or I2C interface. The microcontroller's

main task is to convert the accelarion values to a dice roll, assaigning a number to the received values. After this,

The microcontroller sends this data to an RFID tag (transponder) that writes this data to the RFID tag's memory. The dice is placed in

the near field of an RFID reader. The reader's main purposes are to handle the dice roll datas from the tag memory

and to provide the dice with power. This power is established throught magnetic induction. The current loop in the reader antenna

induce magnetic field around its near field. This magnetic field excite and separate electrons in the tag's antenna that leads to

current flow. The absorbed energy is stored in capacitors that supply the dice with power including the tag,microcontroller and the accelerometer.

My task is to design this dice's electronics and its mechanical appearance and to realize this thesis if time allows.


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