Low level sensor fusion on Android platform

OData support
Dr. Kovácsházy Tamás
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Smartphones are very popular nowadays. Amongst smartphone operating systems, the Android is particularly popular. Android is a Google product witch was created on purpose to provide a standard, open source operating system for mobile devices. A key factor behind Android's success is that there are a lot of enthusiastic Android developers around the world, who practice the development as a leisure activity. Common examples of such developments is to port Android oprating system on a non-Android phone. The sujbect of my thesis is to prepare the orientation sensor to a smartphone with ported Android. An orientation sensor is a physically not existing, virtual sensor, witch can determine the orientation of the phone using data form the phone's accelerometer and magnetometer.

In my thesis I examine accelero- and magnetometers, and then I analyse how is it possible to determine the orientation with sensorfusion.

In addition I examine the Earth's magnetic and gravitational fields, witch is essential to properly understand the data from the sensors. Than I present the general benefits of sensorfusion. I also present the sensors of the phone in details and the Android sensormanager subsystem.

At the end of my thesis I introduce the development process and the testing of the completed orientation modul.


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