Low-distortion power amplifier design

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Szombathy Csaba Zoltán
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

An Amplifier increases the input of a small signal while maintaining the details of the signal on the output, this is known as linearity. In this thesis I want to investigate the efficient ways of producing Low-Distortions Power Amplifier while maintaining the linearity of the input signal. The investigation will be done by designing an Audio Power Amplifier using KiCAD (Computer Aided Design) to design the schematic of the PCB (printed circuit board) after the design I perform analysis to investigating the parameters of my design.

In this thesis I will study the different methods of designing Power Amplifiers, their advantages and disadvantages. I intend to build an audio power amplifier based on one of the design studied. The printed circuit board of my power amplifier will be done using Computer Aided Design. I will learn to examine the practical behaviour of electric circuits. Test and measurement will be performance to check the performance and quality of the design. For this project I hope to produce a Low-Distortion Amplifiers with reasonable efficiency and low cost.


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