Detection method of blood components in microchannels

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Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

The aim of this work is to automatize a biomedical measurement in a microfluidic basis. Microfluidics deals with the manipulation of fluids where the diameter of channels are in 100 um range, therefore the volumes of the liquids are also very small. The method I am utilizing is called hydrodynamic focusing. The diameter of this focused beam -- using the appropriate settings -- in a diamater of 10 um. If the focused channel is illuminated by a laser beam, the figural elements in the blood cause intensity change that can be detected by a photosensor. The presence of figural elements can be measured this way. The method is developed further, with the integration of the detector device. This gives the opportunity for usage in industrial blood cell counter applications. My aim is to develop an experimental setup, to provide the flexible contorol of the measurement setup.

In case of automated measurements the blood solution is flowing through a capillary tube which ends in a 10 um aperture, thus the blood cells can pass through only one by one. In these applications the most expensive part of the device is this special capillary tube.

A red blood cell counter based on the principles of microfluidics is a suitable alternative. In these microchannels always laminar flow is developed. Because of the laminar flow and the small geometric dimensions as well, the blood can be observed in details in a special arrangement , therefore the observation of each figural element would be also possible.


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