Substation diagnostics

OData support
Dr. Szedenik Norbert
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The diagnostic measurements are of great importance in substations for steady and reliable current service. Regular controls can decrease the number of accidents and blackouts. We can ensure more reliable electric supply as well as reach the economical operation of substations equipment using electrical diagnostics.

The dissipation resistant measurement introduces the state of steel grid network under the substations, which is really essential in the case of a network fault.

The overvoltage protecting tools protect all the eletric equipment against overvoltage in substations, therefore their perfect operation is especially important. This can be achieved by frequent diagnostic examinations.

We measure the state of insulation and armature by transformers. The application of dissipation resistant, RVM and FRA methods is necessessary for safe and reliable operation.

We can prevent a lot of accidents and expensive reparations, if we regularly carry out thermovision measurements and notice the failures in their early phase. This method is based on infra red radiation. The camera accurately shows the differences in temperatures between the operational tools in substations.

I have done the major part of the measurements while doing my summer trainee job at ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ Network Service Ltd Diagnotics Group.


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