Evaluation of the emission of damping oscillatory wave in substation environment and that of immunity tests of relay protection systems with damping oscillatory wave, ESD and burst waves

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Dr. Varjú György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

For the secure and optimal usage of power systems, we need such equipments, security duty devices and connection controlling automation, which are placed mainly in power plants and or substation environment.

In my thesis I worked on a protection relay devices, connected to electromagnetic interferences, which have fundamental influence on the secure operation of the devices. I lay a great emphasis on presentation of substation environment, in aspect of electromagnetic compatibility, furthermore on testing the substation specific problems, mainly the damped oscillation waves which occur during sectioning transients, which cause the biggest stress of protection devices on EMC side.

In the second part of my thesis, I present the immunity tests of damped oscillation wave, ESD and electrical fast transient burst in case of a protection device produced by Protecta Ltd., based on the relevant standards. After result analysis, I am proposing development opportunities for increasing the disturbance immunity. Furthermore I present the used theoretical principles and electronic components, which lead me to the results in case of the certain device.


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