Implementing a Fund Management Software for a Bank

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis I have reviewed the functional and the legal environment of an investment fund as well as the operation of a fund manager company. In the course of my work I took part in the development of a fund manager company’s existing registry system.

Firstly, I have effectuated the exact development demands given by the users. These involved harmonising the pension funds, setting up and managing the closing date and also edging prices. In order to fulfil these demands I had to plan the course of the development and then implement the described tasks discussed above both on the side of the clients and the server.

Moreover, I have searched for opportunities to decrease the running time of the stored procedures. Based on the knowledge gained here I have optimized two existing methods which successfulness I have confirmed with running statistics.

Finally, I have analysed the possibility of transitioning the funds filing system to an up-to-date development environment. Therefore I made the new test version for the program in a different development environment and programming language.


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