Application development enabling energy cost reduction at IT-systems

OData support
Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The aim of the project is to develop a software application, which is able to monitor the power consumption of PCs considering the key influencing factors and the app can give recommendations for the operator on energy saving. The system model, being developed for a single PC, should take into account the measured electrical consumption values and correlate them with the running processes at different scenarios.

The application requires some prerequisites which are the followings: database for data storing, external program for producing overall power value and two command line tools. These tools are the WMIC standing for Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line and the Tasklist.

The application produces CPU and Memory data in order to investigate the operation of the processes. Based on these data, the utilization of each process from the overall usage is calculated. Energy cost of processes are produced from CPU data. Additionally, cost prediction is implemented based on the actual values.

Taking into consideration the produced values, the application creates alert windows which are based on user input and/or occur regarding basic and/or popular processes. Through these notifications, the user can get information why the computer may be slow or why its overall energy cost may be high.


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