Universal Windows Platform Development for Industrial Application

OData support
Schulcz Róbert
Department of Networked Systems and Services

With Windows 10 Microsoft wants to fundamentally change the computer business, as we know today. They see the Windows as a service, which is built around the user, not just an operating system. For that, they need a platform that is able to provide the same quality of service to all its users, regardless of the device. That’s why they have built the Universal Windows Platform.

The focus of the UWP is to provide the same user experience for all user devices. For that, the platform needs to adapt to the changing conditions. Every type of device has its own unique use case and form factor.

The application I have made for my diploma work needed to meet these expectations, using the capabilities of the platform. I was curious, how well the application would handle this big expectation.

I used built in controls to see, how well they handle the changing conditions on their own. I was experimenting with the limits of the platform with using not supported third party controls, how well the platform can cooperate with them.


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