Software development on Xamarin platform

OData support
Albert István
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Implementing and maintaining a mobile application is always a great challange for the developers if they want to deploy their application to multiple mobile platforms. The required knowledge and resources grow exponentally when a new platform is being supported. The purpose of the thesis is to demonstrate a cross-platform development environemnt through the implementation of an application. My task is to implement an application which is supported by multiple platforms and which can perform pulmonary function tests. The tests are being performed by a spirometer, which can measure the speed of the inhaled and exhaled air. The communication between the mobile device and the spirometer is implemented over the Bluetooth interface.

When implementing the software, I paid attention to run it on multiple platforms, so I chose a technology for the implementation that supports all the major mobile platform and needs minimal platform specific code to be able to run on them. Taking this into consideration I chose the Xamarin platform. The platform gives full support not only to implement the business logic in a shared project, but the user interface as well. At the end of the project I managed to achieve almost 90% code sharing across all platforms.

During the implementation of the application I was able to get know the Xamarin platform with all it’s advantages and disadvantages. I was also able to acquire the definitions and the functioning of the Bluetooth 4.0. Using this knowledge I was able to implement the communication between the devices.


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