Application development for hybrid and IPTV STB in AGW environment

OData support
Baumann Ferenc
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Development of IT has repressed the development of television, and the possible expansions of that area. The former, analog broadcasting has been redeemed by digital transmission. Our favourite shows can not only be record by VCR, but we can program our smart tv’s to record them. Moreover, tv-applications appeared, with whom the user can browse amongst his applications on wide screen. This thesis is based on the exploitation of this benefits.

This thesis introduces the possibilities of interactive watching of TV, and the AGW framework. It contains the plan and testing of the application, and the web service, which was made during the year of graduation. The theme of the application is the sport, which stands close to me. The application contains the leagues latest results, actually tables, program of the league, statistics, as well as the roster of the teams and those matches in chronological order.

It has a user testing also, in which many of my acquaintances has been involved. The description and questionnaire, which was made for the testing, can be found at the annex.

At last, this document contains a short suggestion of development for the AGW framework. A sample application was made for the recommendation, and the description of it can be found in the same chapter.


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