Application Control Using an Alternative Input Device

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Dr. Vajda Ferenc
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays the continuously developing digital devices play an increasing role in

our everyday life, but to take advantage of the current applications, we need more

interactions with the devices. Because of this phenomenon, there is an increasing need

for the alternative solutions to express our commands, thus the gesture recognition

techniques are becoming more an more popular. As an important part of the human

communication, we use gestures to convey information, so it seems a reasonable choice

to control our applications in this more naturalistic way. This study attempts to realise

an application which can be controlled by human gestures.

In terms of this paper’s structure, after the introduction, I specify the tasks I need

to resolve. After that I study the literature of this field to get familiar with the methods I

need to implement in this paper. Then I describe the processes of the development phase

in which I prepare a system design and present the development of the gesture

recognition system and the application I created. In the following section I analyze the

effectiveness and robustness of the realised system. After that I demonstrate some fields

in which these kind of systems can be used. In the end I summarize my experiences and

make a conclusion to my work.


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