Application development on Android platform

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Mobile devices are present in all areas of our lives, let it be private or commercial applications. It is obvious that all companies try to leverage the opportunities inherent to this field to reach their goals. It is the same with companies developing translation softwares, which are intended to help translators in their work to be more productive.

memoQ developed by Kilgray Technologies is such a translation software, of which users might have the need to access their favorite functions easily, like having up-to-date information about their current tasks or searching in many dictionaries in the blink of an eye. A solution to satisfy these needs could be a mobile application for one of the most popular mobile platforms, with which the users could access the most time-sensitive functions anytime, anywhere.

In my thesis I will discuss the steps of the creation of an Android application capable of integrating with the memoQ system, starting with the determination of specifications, then continuing with the design of a maintainable software architecture, describing the more interesting implementation details and finally presenting the test strategy used for validating the product.

I hope that the application will be able to fulfill the needs of the memoQ users and make their lives easier in the future.


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