Software development with the Liferay open source framework

OData support
Hartung István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The most important area of the communicational globalization nowadays is definitely the internet getting more and more common day by day. Anyone can post news and share information. The many contents need to be organized in a way, and portals are a perfect solutions for that. Portal is not just a collection of articles in the world wide web. These offer a lot of plus services to make the world of internet-articles more colorful, so the users get better user interfaces and more professional solutions. Most of such previously developed software bundles include many technologies and fit in a lot of standards and besides, which is the most important thing for a programmer, have excellent documentation.

In my thesis I was working with Liferay, an open source web-based portal and my main objects were specified by IQSYS Zrt. I had to get familiar with the structure, the functions, and the architecture of the portal system and the modules of the IQportal software developed by IQSYS. I had to implement modules for viewing pictures and videos, had to integrate the well-known Facebook and Twitter applications into the portal, and I had to develope portlets for making and demonstrating public statistics. Moreover, because of the given standards I had to make a form for handicapped people as well. I was working with a PC provided by the company and I was testing partly on a test server.

In the chapter about background technologies, I define the advantages and the disadvantages of the portalsystems. After getting familiar with the documentation of the topic, I chose the technologies that were appropriate for me. I had to focus on the very important aspect that these programming languages or frameworks had to be as common as possible and they had to be suitable for the specification. In the same chapter I was writing about developing different portal systems at the IQSYS Zrt. and also about what the previously mentioned IQportal exactly was. The third chapter is about the exact tasks and I specialize how I visualized the portlets, and besides the way of the realization. The fourth part of my thesis includes the details of the implementation and the testing. In the final part I summarize my work, explain the abbraviations and I itemize the softwers I used.


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