Application Development to Windows Phone 7

OData support
Vajk Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays life is unimaginable without telecommunication. Mobile Internet connection, smart phones and services built around them have become incredibly widespread. Everyone wants to obtain information as fast as possible. Location services are playing an increasingly important role in people's life and therefore many different positioning systems are integrated in the consumer electronics devices.

More and more manufacturers are producing smartphones and mobile operating systems worldwide. Overall we can say that the smart phones are small portable computers with various sensors and unique features. Even Microsoft did not want to drop behind its rivals, therefore it redesigned its own previous smartphone platform resulting in the creation of Windows Phone. This platform is relatively new compared to the other competitors, but steadily catching up with the latest smartphones.

The main point of this thesis is getting an insight into the world of Windows Phone and some specific programming issues. We shall discuss the MVVM design pattern through looking at a multi-module application, and give an overview of the Silverlight technology and of launching some background services. We shall also introduce XNA, the phone’s main game development platform, and give some examples of the possibility of Facebook integration to the platform. A server side application that is suitable for sending Push Notifications as well was also created to support the client.

The implemented application’s name is TelekomAppWP7, it consists of three separate modules. Two of them were assigned by the Hungarian telecom company Magyar Telekom Nyrt. , and the third one was developed on the basis of my own ideas through which we could get to know other development opportunities of the Windows Phone software.


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