Interoperability of application-specific IoT systems

OData support
Dr. Varga Pál
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The thesis starts with a general technical description about the topic of Internet of Things (IoT) based architectures, including their history and motivation. The first and second chapters describe the general principles on which current software oriented architecture projects are based, while also taking a look at the current developments on the market today, and describing the Arrowhead framework in detail, which provides the motivation of this project, icluding a review of the framework's core systems.

The third chapter of this work contains the high level designs and the requirement specifications. It provides a case study and shows the problems that arise while working with local-cloud and inter-cloud communication. The chapter takes a look at the tasks needed to provide interoperability between IoT systems and remote clouds. There is an emphasis on the tasks of the orchestrator system, which manages the matching process of services. Following this, the document provides solutions for the topics of semantic matching and service matching. It also takes a look at the orchestrator's decision-making process and other functions like monitoring and management. There is also a description about the inter-cloud orchestration process.

The fourth chapter deals with the implementational tasks of certain parts of the system. The orchestration process is implemented alongside with the necessary client-side functionality and other supplementary services, such as the API service and the Web GUI. Finally it shows the testing and demonstration process of the whole system.

In the last part of the thesis, the results are summarized and evaluated. Furthermore possible extensions of the framework are presented for further work.


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