Control design and implementation of a component cleaning station using PLC

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

An supplier company in the automotive industry invited entries called for a competition to plan and execute a new manufacturing line. The purpose of the line is to assemble the product from the prefabricated components. The line consists of multiple stations, some of which is automatic.

In the thesis I present the automatic cleaning station's design from the electrical side and its programming.

In the first part of the thesis I introduce to the construction of the station from a mechanical aspect. After that I deal with the electical planning. During the planning I have to consider the current industrial standard and the client's specification. For the better understanding of the electrical plan, I present some illustrations with the explanation.

The second part of the thesis is about the major steps of the station's programming. First I deal with the configuration of the stepper motor's controller and then I introduce the construction of the PLC program and the application of the developer environment what the client requires. I present the operation of the program divided to functions and after that I deal with the editing of the HMI's displays and the visualization of the failures.

In the end of the thesis I introduce the process of the station's testing and then I evaluate the performance of the prescribed target and last but not least I deal with the development possibilities.


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