Deployment of VOIP based PBX system

OData support
Dr. Zsóka Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services

IP technology plays more and more important role in every field of life nowadays. The PBX networks of multinational companies aren’t exceptions from that. Some of the main criteria of successful companies are the high quality communication systems and other related services for increasing clients satisfaction. Such interactive communication services can be implemented only IP based. The network architecture of Magyar Telekom Plc., the leading telecommunication company of Hungary didn’t support the integration of such devices therefore the company has aimed renewing the complete PBX network.

Within the confines of the project several new platforms were developed, I was active participant of launching four of them. I delineated each system separately from their selection through setting up the system till their actual operation.

Installed systems: Office Communicator System (OCS), CISCO Unified Communications Manager, Transit PBX, CISCO Contact Center, Carin – Voice recording system.

My duties were briefly:

• Documenting calls.

• OCS migration.

• Making CCX - Carin RFQ.

• Making operation documentation of CUCM, CCX, Carin.

• Documenting the project’s energy balance.


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