Analytical calculation and measurement of a permanent magnet synchronous machine

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Kohári Zalán
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Today when the prices of fuel is getting higher and higher and environmental protection are increasingly coming to the front, the car manufacturer companies getting more motivated to develop alternative drives . Increasing the efficiency and the range is a crucial point of view. The wheel hub motors advantages compared to the conventional electric motors are thatt the motors directly drive the wheels so the driveline losses avoided, and the engine weight and space requirements in this respect is reduced. The vehicle space utilization increases. The applicaction of a higher power density batteries also allows so we can increase the range.

My professional thesis topic is an electric-powered sports car wheel hub motor control calculation. The wheel hub motor have been planned by Gábor Vörös and Kohári Zalán. The applied electrical machine is a large pole number, external rotor type permanent magnet synchronous machine. During the control calculation I have learned the main steps of the electrival machine design and the required properties of synchronous machines.


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