Simulation and re-calculation of permanent magnet synchronous motor

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Dr. Balázs Gergely György
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Designing high efficient, lightweight electric motor helps to spread electric-powered transportation, beside raising the capacity and energy density of Li-ION battery and using composite materials. The race car of the Formula Student team would like to be equipped with electric drive system supported by Department of Electric Power Engineering, TU Budapest. Self-developed permanent magnet synchronous hub motor with external rotor will be installed in the rear wheels.

In my essay I would like to give a short design overview and a check calculation of the machine. The final version of the geometry was drawn into CAD format and got results, that are hard to calculate analytically by finite element method. The calculated and simulated results were partly checked by measurements, in case it was possible. For the others some measurement methods were given. The assembled motors will be tested on test bench to acquire the specific characteristics and finally built in the wheels of the race car.


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