Testing statechart transformations in the Gamma framework

OData support
Dr. Vörös András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Model driven development aims to support the developers with tools and approaches that enables the efficient and correct design of systems. Such a tool should provide easy-to-use languages and also validation and verification support. The Gamma Statechart Composition Framework provides design, validation, verifiation and code-generation support for state-based models.

The Gamma framework utilises model transformations in a workflow to produce mathematically precise formal models, on which the analysis questions are investigated. However, it is a difficult task to analyse the correctness of the tool itself, and especially the correctness of the model transformations.

The goal of my work is to analyse the framework and provide a comprehensive test set to find implementation errors, focusing on the model transformations. This requires the development of models based on the modelling languages of the framework. My work is based on an OMG proposal and I tried to cover the basic cases with tests.

In the first chapters of my thesis, I introduce the basic concepts needed to understand my work. The next chapter contains the description of the tests, specifically the way they have been implemented, their architecture, and their usage. In the next section the results of the tests are presented. Then I draw the conclusions of the testing. Finally, I summarize my work and the limitations, and I also introduce the future directions that I plan to explore.


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