Community platform for pet friendly users with Android support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Developing social platforms which connect many people are taking a huge part of the software development industry. In modern times these platforms play an important role in our life when these days more than 2,5 billion people are present on at least one of them. The significant part of social media reach most of the users through mobile applications.

The market offers many alternatives to socialize through the network, but opportunities for finding company for our pet and pet related information are rather limited.

My goal was creating an application which builds around pets and people can discuss topics on the forum or in personal messages. I have aimed for the most commonly available device, the mobile phone and further narrowing it, I have selected the most popular platform, the Android.

The completed application gives opportunity for messaging based on mutual sympathy or discussing topics with the whole community on the forum. The communication can take the form of text messaging, image or video sharing, furthermore they can create events which they may view in augmented reality afterwards.

To serve the Android application, I have created a server built with Hibernate library and managed by Spring framework. The goal of the thesis was to learn about and use Android and Spring technologies as well as improving the code quality to the best as possible based on my newly acquired knowledge and experience.


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