Veterinary measuring head developement

OData support
Barta András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

One of the most developing sectors of today’s medical science is veterinary medicine. The health of pets and high-value farm animals are increasingly important for people and new treatments are also being promoted. The devices suitable for human use have to meet standards that are not obligatory for veterinary use, so cheaper instruments can be produced. The topic of this thesis is the development of medical equipment suitable for monitoring animals. Producing a software design for it, testing the finished hardware and if possible making it suitable for human use with few additional parts. That way creating a low-price multipurpose device. The device and its software have been designed to be modular. So there is a version certified for human use and connectable to the company’s intensive care monitor, and another battery-powered version with a small display of its own and wireless connection. This thesis is about to present the development of the device from the selection of parts to the mass production phase. Unfortunately, some unique solutions will not be presented in this thesis because those are company secrets.

The first part will introduce the basic measurement principles, and the hardware architecture for each device variation. The thesis will introduce the used sensors, and their operating principles.

The next section deals with the presentation of the device software. The software is based on a free real-time operating system, the FreeRTOS. As a result, all hardware variations run the same software, with minor modifications originating from the differences in their hardware. In the thesis the methods of communication between individual devices and the intensive care monitor are introduced and a way of data storage is presented.


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