Developing a generic, SNMP based element management module for layer-2 networks, by using ANMS framework developed by NETvisor Ltd.

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

ANMS network management system is mostly used in internet service providers’ networks, where adding new equipments to the networks is usual. But in case the management system does not have the right module to manage these equipments in question, it is not possible to configure them, even not to add them to the management system.

Each module gives the ability to manage specific equipments, so it takes a long time to implement them, which cause that network operators take trouble with the management of these equipments not supported during this period of time.

In my thesis I was looking for the answer the question: Is it possible to implement a module based on network management standards like SNMP and MIB, which gives the ability to make some basic layer-two configurations and add these elements to the management system?

Through the analysis of standard MIBs selected, first I designed, and then implemented the module called GerenicIp, which gives the abilities according to the above with the restriction that it is not assured in every circumstance the module gives full functionality, but at least it can be used to add the element to the management system as an advantageous result.


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