Development of a general framework for biofeedback-based educational games

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Thanks to the never ending development of technology, we have seen scientific breakthroughs in areas of our lives that have not been possible before.

Advancements in brainwave monitoring and other human physiological and biological measurements are no longer seen as a separate abstract scientific field of study. As a result, their application has been spreading into everyday life.

This has been greatly influenced by the rapid spread of mobile devices. The advantages of customizable user interfaces provided by mobile equipment can be used in many areas. As an example touch screens, provide an easy to learn user friendly interface that when used correctly can provide advancements in the fields of education by giving easy and rapid access to information that was not available to students previously .

Furthermore synchronizing educational applications developed for mobile devices, with the above mentioned advanced scientific monitoring of students, can benefit the educational process by giving instant feedback on the physiological and/or physical changes in students during learning. Based on this feedback, the success or failure of learning and retaining information can be estimated much better. This of course can lead to advancements in public education.

In order to achieve harmonious synchronization between the device and its human counterpart, it is necessary to have a general framework to manage the connection. A framework that provides an interface for easy connectivity to educational applications while maintaining the ability to expand to other uses.


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