A model- and simulation-based system test environment for general purpose electrical drive family of devices

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

Developing an electric drive train with modell based simulation is a very useful process, but mostly the efficiency of it's, is very low. Even if the modern test environment wich can handle control algorithm, modules, system and integrated tests, are organic part of the design in may big company. To increasing this efficiency the time of developing a new item can be significantly reduce, and of course the cost of developing is decreasing to. This cost reduce is force the most company to developing new, better test environments.

This thesis's main aim is design and create a new test environment, wich contain the latest technologies and workflow to test and validate the softwer and the hardwer as well. First I had to learn about the workflow of Hyundai, and after that start the development of the new test environment. This new test unit must handle the simulation on a modle based tests. Basicly the tesis can be separeted in two bigger part. One is the MATLAB based system test environment, the other is the Python based HIL test environment. The difference of these two method is the hardwer wich are running these test. Both method can be named a regression test environment. That mean the test can comper the latest result of the run with a baseline what was validated before. With this regression function a new softver update can be validate easily. By running the environment it can calculate the difference between the baseline's and the new's data.


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