General purpose controller design of ARM microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s most significant development can be observed in the area of touch screen devices, and the representatives of this technology, such as cellular phones, tablet PCs, laptops and even televisions are increasingly gaining ground in our life. The basics of these systems is modelled by a new solution, called System-on-Chip, where the manufacturers are trying to concentrate whole logical systems, so among other things the CPU, the GPU and the memory blocks into a single chip. The ground principle of these processors inside a SoC is usually based on the ARM architecture.

Our daily routine is highly affected by electonic devices, and we uses remote controls to nearly everything just to increase our feeling of comfort. The garden-gate, the Hi-Fi, the television and even the garage door has its own device to be managed with, but with the idea of a universal control unit we can fulfill the ultimate dream. The modul, which can be used in several different communaction channels, is built around an ARM microcontroller, and it is provided with a coloured touch screen panel, so we can be absolutely sure, that it would stand its ground even if it would be released for commercial use.

One of my main goal is to create a device, which has great improvement perspectives in the future, and it is also really important to expand my insight and to increase my so far acquired knowledge through the most modern technologies and the most used communication protocols.


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