Generic programming framework for Playstation Move

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Natural input devices are not new-found technologies. They have been considered as industrial standards in special fields (like filmmaking, game development) for 10 years. These devices were usually not real-time, thus they were not given an opportunity to interact.

Nowadays, these techniques have become available to anybody. The motion-sensing control is a must accessory to the new generation consoles. However, the not mass produced production’s price can be rather inconvenient.

In my thesis I am going to present a cheap motion-sensing control device, the PlayStation Move, which was made for game consoles. Sony has decided not to provide direct support for the PC platform and without it the device is useless in itself. This is the reason why I decided to develop a general framework which gives the opportunity for a wider range of people to use this device’s outstanding motion-sensing abilities on PC too.

During my work I have faced low level hardware specific problems. I had to understand the fields of image and signal processing more closely, which I will be presenting.

After my project was finished it proved to be successful. It was the most advanced and free to get framework for the PlayStation Move on PC. Thousands of people used it and I have received dozens of feed-backs. My work can be an important step to those who wish to experiment with natural input devices.


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