Alternative sleep monitoring device

OData support
Dr. Tóth Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The well-known sleep diagnostic systems are based on the methods, which are measuring the

human's neural stimulus and brain waves to collect data. Measuring this type of parameters requires

placing electrodes on the human body. This can easily affects on the efficiency of the measurement.

Therefore the demand has been come up to develop a method and an instrument not having a

physical contact between the human body and the sensors. The goal of this task is to develop

hardware with this function.

In this technical solution with the purpose of sleep monitoring, force cells were placed under the legs

of the patient’s bed. From the signals of the cells the weight of the bed and the patient together is

determined as well as the center of gravity and its change in time. The researchers can use change

of coordinates of the center of gravity to make conclusions about some features of sleeping. Plotting

these registries the phases of sleeping will be visualized, which are correlating with some abnormal

behaviors during sleep.

This thesis contains the design, the construction and the evaluation of a series of experimental measurements of this hardware.


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