Investigation of mechanical technologies of IMS PCB substrates

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Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

The mechanical technologies of the aluminium core PCB so milling and drilling are other than the standard FR4. More barb will be on the metal core PCB and the lifetime of the router will be shorter and will crack sooner.

Metal core PCBs and the special tools for the cutting of these PCBs were showen.

I had managed to optimalize the milling parameters (Y-X axis feed, Z axis feed, RPM). I had to determine the coefficients that can affect the milling. Routers with different diameter, type, make and different thickness metal core PCBs were under investigation. I analysed how much the pre-drilling can make the degree of the barb less and what happened when the router worked deeper. Furthermore I investigated the temperature’s effect on the cutting. I found what the root cause of the router crash under the milling is. There were experiments for the effects of the protective plates and the effects of the under wallboard.

I had managed to declare optimal parameters for the drilling of metal core PCBs and I found that there are not special drills for the drilling of metal core PCBs, the standard tools for the drilling of FR4 are good for the aluminium core PCBs.

Technological documentation was finished about the aluminium core PCB cutting with optimal parameters. Observations of the laboratory production were excellent. I had milled 20 pieces of aluminium core PCBs and under the milling just 1 piece of tool broke (but the rootcause was the nick of the tool) and all of the PCBs were fine.


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