PLC based control of aluminum strip casting

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Aluminium is one of the most important products of today's metal industry. During the production of aluminium there are many technological methods, which must be regulated and controlled. One of them is strip casting. During this process evenness is very important in order to reach the appropriate quality. I had an opportunity to solve one of those kinds of industrial problems.

I solved my task step by step. First of all I had to know the technological devices. During the time, when I worked in the factory I examined the machines, and looked for deficiencies. Knowing the problems I tried to solve them, and I made some suggestions. Those were different control system methods, which were usually connected to the PLC program. I considered the requirements of the program changes, and I choosed the logic controller. I considered if there was a need for some changes in the hardware configuration, or for a new PLC. After that I used a SCADA system. I collected some data from the status of the technology. I looked for important parameters. Getting some knowledge of those parameters, I could identificate the model, and solve one of the biggest problems. I analyzed the program, and I made some changes in that. A made the part of the measuring data collection and the part, which were responsible for the control of the system. It was very important to keep in my mind the technological requirements during the tune of the controllers, because you have to work very carefully with firing technological devices. At last I analyzed the performances of the system and reviewed the possible further developments.


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