Subvendor outsourcing in CAT systems

OData support
Benedek Zoltán
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The amount of spoken languages in the world is about a few thousand. As a consequence of globalization nowadays people from different cultures contact each other more easily and more frequently than hundreds of years ago. Traditionally there has been a common language (the lingua franca) spoken by the participants of the communication which enabled them to interact. Representative examples of this common language are French and English, however the actual lingua franca may change based on time and location. Yet, people still demand the possibility to consume information (news, books, articles) on their mother tongue. As the amount of information in the 21st century showed a rapid increase, it is essential that translators can utilize the capabilities of computers.

This thesis documents the development of a new feature of such CAT (Computer Aided Translation) system. These systems provide help for personal and team work as well. The corresponding system is the property of Kilgray Translation Technologies, it is called memoQ. The new feature extends the functionality of the software related to team work.

The architecture of the system follows the client-server pattern: translation work items (documents and other resources) with translators are organized into a project, and projects are stored on a server, where project managers assign documents to translators. Then translators with a client application download the assigned documents and resources through network (maybe via internet) from the server.

The goal of my work was to enhance the team work support functionality of the application with subvendor outsourcing. In this case the subvendor organization does not need to buy and operate a memoQ Server on its own; instead it uses the server of the master organization for data storing and project management. That said, it is as if the subvendor organization is provided a sandbox on the server, which is excluding some connection points separated from the master organization.


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