Sleep phase aware alarm clock

OData support
Scherer Balázs Attila
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In my thesis I present a design of a device, that helps it's user to gently wake up

in the morning so that he or she can better manage his/her daily tasks.

In section 2 I present the characteristics of each phase of sleep. I have done a

short research on the devices already available on the market, which partly or

completely carry out the same task as the device I designed. I highlight the advantages

and abilities of these products.

In section 3 I specify the tasks of my own device and how it works. The task is

solved by two components together, these will be presented separately in the following


In section 4 I specify the sensor unit's schematic and PCB design, and then

briefly present the results of the assembly and boxing. Of the software solutions, I pay

particular attention to the method and the difficulty of the hear rate measurement.

In section 5, similarly to the sensor unit, I'm going to detail the design of the

tabletop unit schematic and PCB design. I briefly present the result of the assembly.

Presentation of the wakening's method.

In section 6 I will perform an analysis of a full night measure. I'll examine the

measured data and try to draw conclusions from them.

In section 7 I evaluate the work I have done and highlight some mistakes.

In section 8 I present the posssibilities of further development based on the

experience gained during the work I have done.


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