Monitoring and Analysis of Sleep Physiology Parameters with EEG on Android Platform

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, people invest more time in achieving their goals, in making their career, and they are most likely to borrow this time from their sleep.

Everybody needs sufficient amount and good quality sleep, and in some job roles this is highly essential. One of the most frequently used therapeutic treatment in sleep medicine is systematization of the sleep cycle. A hypnogram of a subject's sleep is required for testing it.

One alternative for creating a hypnogram is the non-invasive actigraphic measurement. Although it is easy to use, it provides inaccurate results in contrast to a multi-parametric polysomnographic sleep lab measurement. Polysomnography could not become widespread in everyday use due to the complexity of the required devices.

In my study I present the relevant sleep physiological processes that can be measured with easy-to-connect devices. I assess the advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned methods. I designed and implemented an Android based measuring application. By means of the application EEG signals playing an important role in polysomnography become easy to record in any home setting using an ordinary neural headset. I designed structured test measurements to evaluate the variables received from the device. Finally, I made a sleep depth analysis from a full night sleep recording.

My goal was to create a pocket sleeplab for users.


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