Strategy planner and simulator application for american football

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The American Football is the game of land acquisition, the teams are trying to achieve dominion over the land, and if they are failed , they are trying to push to the farthest the opponent from they own end zone. The American football is the race of strategies both in offense and defense.

The spread of information technology in the sport is very important. A long time ago the strategies were designed on papers and boards. Although nowadays they are also used, there are a lot of design and analyst software. The most of these software are help for the coaches and players in understanding the plays.

This software will help for the coaches to design the plays, and for the players to understand that. The coaches can only design real valid plays and with the simulate option they can check it. Because of these I split the design for pieces. They can design formations, movements and they can combine these for plays. And in the simulating part they can simulate it.

A program like this is great because its help the coaches work without load the players. The coaches can figure out and simulate plays, and than they can analyze them and after that they just teach the good ones for their players.


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