Development of analytical views for SAP PLM PI Cloud solution using SAP HANA and Fiori UI technologies

OData support
Dr. Villányi Balázs János
Department of Electronics Technology

The subject of my thesis is the SAP PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) system. My task was to develop analytical views in this PLM environment with SAP HANA and Fiori UI technologies.

During my work, I have examined the objects of SAP PLM such as recipe management, recipes, specifications, synchronization units and product labeling. This topic can be found in the second paragraph.

The third paragraph details the SAP back-end and front-end technologies. I had to use the SAP HANA database with several frameworks (such as Core Data Services, and OData services) to display the data on the front-end user interface.

In the fourth paragraph, I explain the motivation of my work and I list the use cases of the application. I had to develop an end-to-end web application that provides an easy to use interface. I also explain the high level design of the program. I have also made a prototype application to show the main features of the web-framework.

The fifth paragraph is about the implementation of the plans. I describe, how I made the virtual data model with CDS views, and how I have published it through an OData service. This paragraph also explains the front-end implementation. I list the used UI components and the problems during my work.

The result of my work is a useful application which provides easy to understand diagrams and tables with filtering and database writing features. In the end, I also make some suggestions on what to do in the future such as how to test the application and how to integrate it with other software systems.


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