Control of analog lighting systems by DMX signals

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Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

This Bachelor Thesis presents the details of the design of a stage lighting control, that is able to link in a DMX 512A system and control old strobe and smoke machines using 0-10V analog control signal.

In the first phase of my work, I made literature research and I examined available similar products. With my new knowledge I prepared the specifications of the new equipment. I took into consideration, that I design a prototype, so it can control only one strobe and one smoke machine simultaneously. The available products are usually designed to control dimmers, and use 16-32 channels, because people need lots of them in a stage.

In the second phase of my work I designed the hardware, including block diagram, schematic and the layout design. I focused on selecting the right components, and designing for the ease of use.

After producing the printed circuit board, I purchased and soldered the components. Then I designed the software with Atmel Studio 6 integrated development environment. I wrote the code in C, and I have paid attention to make a clear code.

The completed equipment can be upgraded, because the hardware supports more complicated softwares. Since the unused pins are routed out, new hardware can be attached, for example a numeric keypad. This is a prototype, which is not enough good for producing more than one piece, because it is not robust enough.


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