Characterization of analog-to-digital converters with standard methods

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Dr. Pálfi Vilmos
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My Thesis is about a testing program for analog-to-digital converters in LabView development environment. The program is able to determine the levels of transforming comparison value, which is used for the integral, and differential nonlinearity error measurement. The comparison value to determine the levels of applied sinusoidal excitation, and the sinusoidal parameters of the test program is able to estimate. These parameters can be used to test the comparison values of the converter, by histogram testing. As a comparison value determined levels, has the characteristics of conversion, the program can calculate the errors. The development takes place in LabView environment. During the preparation of the thesis, I get acquainted with this development environment, while performing practical tasks. After the development of the program is a real conversion testing within the framework of the thesis task. Once the test program is completed, and it works flawlessly, getting on to it for research, teaching, or they can use for other tasks.


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