The Design and Development of AndEngine based Live Wallpaper Solution

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Integrating convenient services to mobile app became possible as the technology of the mobile devices have been innovated continuously over the past few years. The mobile operating system that holds the most market share, Android offers solutions for customizing the home screen by running OpenGL code in the background. I create this kind of components, so called live wallpapers in my thesis. I provide the functionality of switching them through an application. In my solution only one live wallpaper is getting registered to the framework that operates as a container of the many abstract backgrounds. This provides that numerous components can be built using only Service. The application is capable of previewing the wallpapers. Apart from all of this, the user can customize the background layers by choosing an image from the gallery or shooting a photo with the camera. Besides the live wallpapers, the app provides static imaginery that can also be previewed before setting. I store all the descriptor data in the Parse cloud service. All the wallpapers can be marked as favourited and can be viewed on a distinct screen. Moreover, I develop a component that is capable of switching the static wallpapers automatically in the background. This provides fresh content for the user every day.

Daydream was a new feature of Android 4.2. This component can switch on automatically after a predetermined amount of time and function as a screensaver. I added a daydream service to my thesis that visualizes and animates all the static wallpapers sequentially after each other. The user can decide on using Ken Burns effect for animation.

I integrate Google Analytics to the whole application. As a result, lots of useful information is collected about the users and their habits that can shape the app's development flow in the future.


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