Android API to Support Networked Games

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowdays smartphones became an important part of people's everyday life. Smartphones not only make people able to communicate and gather information but provide a wide range of amusement. Plenty of games are available but most of them are single player. It raises a need for more multiplayer games which makes people able to play against each other.

When friends come together they not always have the opportunity for active recreation. They may want to compare their skills playing games against each other or in teams. The devices are given. Most of the living rooms have big screen televisions. Besides the user's smartphones only a simple Android Mini PC is required. And a solution that makes them able to play their games together easily as a party game. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time to connect and configure the divecies. Therefore simplicity is an important requirement.

Game developers can integrate prepared network software components or use game development frameworks to build up a multiplayer game. Therefore are they able to focus on the relevant parts of their game idea. These kind of frameworks are rare in so far.

One part of my thesis was to search for, introduce and evaluate these frameworks. None of them was satisfying in the point of requirements. So I finally decided to implement my own solution.

Within the confines of my thesis I designed and implemented a fair and usable solution for both of the developers and users. It provides an API for the developer to let users join his multiplayer game. Players use their own smartphones for that reason. The game runs on an external device.


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