The adaptation of an Android based solution to remote controlled car

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The penetration of Android OS rose greatly in the past years and it can be found running not only on mobile devices but on other embedded systems too. I decided therefore to choose embedded Android development as my graduation theme. I am convinced, that in the near future the popularity of Android will increase widely. The goal of my master thesis is to control a model car with an Android operating system running on a BeagleBone develpoment board.

At first I describe the applied literature of my thesis. At one hand I would like to focus on the Linux kernel, because it’s patched version is the base of the Android OS and at the other hand I would like to introduce the conception of the car’s engine controll to the reader. In the second part of my thesis I write about the steps of the design and development. I present some code snippets and I take a look under the hood, how did I realize the processing of the control signals at kernel layer and how did I attach the engine to the board. At last I evaluate the result of the project and I draft some more options for the further expansion.


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