Design and implementation of a remote user interface for PV inverters for devices running Android OS

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The Android operating system is the most popular mobile operating system nowadays. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet devices became Android even more important on the other regions of the information technology.

The technology and opportunities of the smartphone and tablet devices are nowadays within reach of everyone. So came the idea to develop and design an android application, with the help of we could easily query and processing data without buying costly PC software.

The subject of my thesis is the design and implementation of a remote user interface for PV inverters for devices running Android OS. With the help of this application we could query and processing data from the PV inverterters prepared by the Hyundai Technologies. We use the Modbus protocol to ensure the communication between the hardware devices.

The ensure of the Modbus TCP/IP communication, the query and visualization of the variables from the PV inverters, showing diagrams with the help of the downloaded data and getting weather information with HTTP connection are the main functions of the application.

In my thesis I am trying to reach this goal with the help of such Android based solution and show the details of the implementation. I’d like to show the requirements, the importance of this technology, the role of the application in the system communication, the review of the Modbus protocol and the structure and details of the implementation and design of the Android application. I will demonstrate the main components of the application and how the implementation works with the help of UML class and sequence diagrams. In the user description the user could get information about the use of the main functions of the application with the help of screen shots. There are more possibilities to improve and develop more functions and design elements to the application, which are meant in the end of thesis too.


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