Android based motion and noise detector system with server support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The introduction of the first smartphones had a great effect on the telecommunications industry. Great mobile platforms evolved from the first models, the modern handsets have such computing power which surpasses the most advanced desktop computers from the last decade. Many new devices have capabilities which were only possible in the science-fiction literature earlier. Nowadays it is almost impossible to find a phone which does not contain a digital camera, a GPS chip or some kind of broadband network connection.

This thesis shows the design and development process of a complex alarm system. This application runs on the Android operating system, one of the most popular mobile platforms, and uses the built-in sensors that the phone hardware can offer. The application will have a wide choice of communication facilities, from the conventional channels of the mobile networks to brand new, cutting edge technologies like the Android Cloud2Device Messaging framework.

I will also develop a web application which uses the network capabilities of the smartphones, and supports the user with services that help the easy and effective usage of the alarm system.

Finally I conclude the work and the gained experience, and I suggest some possibilities for future improvement.


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