Android based multi-client application

OData support
Kaszó Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Due to the spreading of smart phones and tablets, more and more game applications are developed to these devices. These games have their benefits, for example you don't have to buy a separate handheld gaming console, most of the games are free or inexpensive, it is space efficient to carry them and the applications can be easily downloaded from the phone's application store. However there is a big disadvantage that they reduce the possibility of social contacts between people because everybody plays on their own mobile device instead of playing together with board games as in the past.

I have developed an application engine which simplifies the task of the game developer while creating a mobile application that generates the atmosphere of playing a board game. The engine takes communication of multiple Android devices on a local area network to a higher level of abstraction. Furthermore I have created a sample application that shows how a board game can use multiple mobile devices cooperating on the same network using my library.

This thesis presents the history of video games and board games and how they are mixed together. Also there is an overview of the history and structure of the Android platform as well as a brief overview of the potential development tools and how to develop for the platform. I present the functioning of both the application engine and the sample application, and the communication between the host and the clients using text descriptions, UML class diagrams and source code snippets.

At the end I write about the library's possible further development directions.


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