The Design and Development of Android based Smart Watch Solution

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

An increasing number of people rely on electronic devices every day. The usage of mobile operation systems like Android is no longer limited to mobile phones. Tablets, smart watches, televisions, navigation systems and many other devices are using these systems. Currently, every one of these is separate, standalone devices. Even the applications that can be installed on the device from its market differ in many ways.

The average user dedicates each device a specific role. One mobile phone may be used to keep in touch with the family while; the other is to do so with co-workers. Tablets are usually used for watching videos and playing games, whilst phones are preferred to listening to music because they are always in our pockets.

As a result, we store different kinds of data (music, photos, calendar and contacts) on separate devices. These devices tend to work individually rather than alongside each other. Keeping them synchronized across all devices at the same time often proves to be difficult.

Bearing the above in mind I created a sample application package that enables client application data to be stored on a web server, while letting the smart watch and the mobile phone cooperate more seemingly.

We can create a to-do list on our phone and easily share it with our friends. The list is stored on the server therefore it can be viewed on multiple devices at any time. Music tracks playing on the phones can be changed through the smart watch application without the need of taking our phones out from our pockets. In addition, photos stored on the phone can be viewed on the smart watch alongside with the to-do list.


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