Android Based Class Schedule Application Developemnt for Social Network Portal

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowdays almost every adolescent uses the services of somekind of social network. In a world of the smarth phones and mobile internet every worthwhile website sould have mobile client. On a social website, where the targeted age-group

is made of undergraduates, an application, in which they can reach their or their friends' timetable wherever and whenever they want is very useful.

In my thesis I demonstrate the steps of planning, developement and realisation of a departmental social site projects' mobile timetable application in Android developer enviroment. I also present the required serverside plans and implementations as well as the database scheme and the importing program and it's JavaScript, which were also prepared for this application.

The program is able to retrieve the user's current timetable, and store it in the database of the application. Naturally this functon is not obligatory, the user can set up their own timetable of the selected subjects' courses, which can be later on fully customized by the needs of the user. After this the application downloads the timetable. The users only have to set their accountnames and passwords at the settings, so they can reach it anytime anywhere even without internet connection. In addition they get the opportunity to check the list of their acquaintances and by selecting one of them they get the opportunity to inspect their schedule and take the desired courses into their own timetable.


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