Android based peer-to-peer system

OData support
Dr. Simon Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The first part of my Thesis presents the structure, and working of the Android operation system. I present the process of developing for Android. I also briefly write about the peer-to-peer architecture, and its success. I detail the properties of peer-to-peer streaming applications.Then I give the specification of a distributed peer-to-peer network based framework on Android smart phones. I introduce the existing solutions made for such application types. I select one specific solution that is the basis of my framework. I motivate my selection and I describe in details its mechanisms. I define a protocol, which is going to manage the logical connection of this network. I introduce the main development steps followed during my work.

In the second part of my Thesis I implement the defined protocol. After validating its correct operation I enhance the application in order to handle the media streaming among devices. I review the possibilities of Network Coding (NC) algorithm and use that for packet transmission.

I investigate the created P2P based streaming network through several test cases, focusing on the quality and the behavior of the network and I document the results.


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