The Desing and Development of Android based User Interface for Large Screen Devices

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Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Smart solutions in home entertainment, like smart televisions, smart media players or smart HDMI sticks are playing a bigger and bigger role in nowadays’ households. They all provide services like playing films from USB or network, browsing the web or running several applications. However, the majority of these solutions have several drawbacks. Most of the time due to their short development cycle or small budget they are simply not suitable for the big screen, not optimized or come with some hard to use remote control.

Having examined all these problems, my thesis was born to present an Android based solution that is suitable for televisions. To achieve this, it is necessary to refactor the handling methodologies and user interface of the system to match the advantages and the barriers of the big screen. Moreover we have to find the way to provide the ability to handle the system and its applications, which were built for touch screens, with the help of a remote control. In order to demonstrate that the desired behavior is possible, a prototype system was created which is presented within this piece of work.

The implementation of the system consists of several smaller, strongly linked, cooperating applications integrated with the operating system itself. Among these applications we can equally find programs for smartphone-based control and for the optimization of the user interface. Several smaller modifications were made as well in the operating system itself to make my work complete.


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