Development of an Android application for federated identification

OData support
Dr. Szikora Béla
Department of Electronics Technology

The target of my thesis was the development of an Android application that supports the operation of an electric gate, with the help of one-time passwords (OTP) in accord-ance with the conception of identity and access management. The aim was to support the authentication and authorization of the users of the gate. The users and their permis-sions are stored on the remote IdM server and the identification and authorization is done by the server itself (this conception is called federated identity). It is also im-portant to note that the gate is offline, so it has no internet connection. We assume how-ever, that the user has a mobile device with internet access (e.g. a mobile phone with mobile internet). I was looking for a method that attains federated identification with the help of the user’s mobile device. One-time passwords offer solution to this problem. With the help of OTPs the air gap between the gate and the user's mobile device can be spanned. The authentication and authorization are also managed.

In the introduction of my thesis I would like to present the topic of identity manage-ment, and focus on federated identification and one-time passwords. The body of my work is about the software development process. I introduce this through the software development life-cycle. In the results section I present the Android application, and its functionality. Finally I summarize and evaluate my work.


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