Android application development from specification to implementation

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays, a growing number of smartphones can be observed. These devices have an important role in everyday life. Some years ago, these gadgets were just used for making phone calls and sending messages, while now they have a comparable power to personal computers and laptops. They are able to do nearly any task. The customers use social media very intensively, send e-mails, run games with high computing capacity demand, but they also manage their bank related issues with their mobile. The dominance of the Android operating system on the smartphone market can be observed for years. Therefore, there is a great need for applications created for this platform.

This work is about the development process of these applications, based on specific software development cases. In the first chapter, the process is discussed in details, with the most important parts of the specification and planning in the beginning. Later, the basics of implementation and testing can be found. In the last parts the principles used during the application release and maintenance are discussed.

The general introductory part is followed by the specific software development cases. The first implemented software performs remote control of intelligent power distribution units and displays statistics about them, while the other solution provides the possibility of instant messaging options for nearby users.

The work contains detailed information about development for both projects. The specification, used technologies, high-level architecture, realization, testing and presentation of the completed software get a great emphasis. The further development options show the remaining potentials in the area.


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